Vehicle and Fuel Use Carbon Calculator
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Note: these calculations include the upstream, or indirect, emissions resulting from the extraction, processing and transport of the fuel.

To calculate the greenhouse gas emissions from your vehicle or fuel use please follow these steps:
  • Begin by selecting the fuel used
  • You can estimate the emissions based on fuel use, kilometres or expenditure
  • Fuel use will produce the most accurate estimation
  • For non-vehicular fuel use, simply input the number of litres/kilolitres used
    • Stationary fuel use may produce a different result
    • Contact Carbon Neutral if your stationary fuel use is significant
  • Complete the fuel usage form with the relevant information
  • Use the 'frequency' field to annualise your weekly/monthly information
    • i.e. Specifying 'month' will multiply your fuel use by 12
  • Click Add to Total, then start again if you have more than one vehicle
  • Use the menu to add other emissions sources or view the total
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