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Carbon Neutral e-newsletter          July 2011

Carbon Neutral's new Business Development Manager: Kirsten Rose

Kirsten brings together a passion for climate, carbon, and sustainability issues with an extensive background in marketing, consulting and business development.

She believes there is an important role Australia’s businesses, governments, and not-for-profit organisations can play as we transition to a low-carbon economy – and she loves working with them to find ways Carbon Neutral can help.

Kirsten has worked extensively in Australia, the US and the UK, most recently running a sustainability consulting firm. She is also a Certified Home Sustainability Assessor.

Ian Rawlings new Carbon Neutral chairman

Ian has been a Men of the Trees member for 8 years and on the MOTT board for 7 years. He came into MOTT via City Farm where he and his wife Linda worked on the Save City Farm campaign team, which secured for MOTT a 40 year peppercorn lease over that prime East Perth property.

He has a life long passion for things environmental and especially sustainable building. In his day job Ian is the CEO for Central Desert Native Title Services Ltd which is a group of people committed to seeing the Aboriginal people of central WA gaining (western) property rights over their ancestral country.

 Compare your footprint while you find your way on Google maps

The Google Chrome web store recently released a new browser plug-in that allows users to view the carbon emissions associated with driving routes suggested by Google Maps. If you’re a carbon geek, there’s even an option to enter your particular car’s emission factor instead of using the default values.

Read the full story here


The dawn of 24-hour solar energy


Solar energy and baseload power are not usually two words that detractors of renewable energy allow to be included in the same phrase, unless it is accompanied by the word “not.” From now on though, they may become indelibly linked.

Last week, Gemasolar, a 19MW solar power plant located near Seville in southern Spain, delivered electricity continuously over a 24-hour period to the grid.

Click here to read the full article

Groundwater Replenishment Trial

Thanks to our client Water Corporation, Carbon Neutral was lucky enough to take part in a tour of Perth’s Groundwater Replenishment Trial this month.

This trial sets out to test an innovative concept in water conservation where treated wastewater is treated for drinking and recharged into groundwater supplies. This means the water is effectively “banked” in the aquifer and taken out some time later for further treatment and supply to our drinking water system.

Read the full story here


Forests 'the key to reducing carbon emissions'

Long understood to be the lungs of the earth, the world's great forests are much more important in the carbon cycle than was previously believed, soaking up one-third of all greenhouse gas emissions, according to new research.

Standing forests remove 2.4 billion tonnes of carbon a year from the atmosphere, almost five times Australia's total emissions. On the other side of the carbon ledger, forest logging releases about 10 billion tones of CO2 into the atmosphere each year.

Read the full article here


Why do people buy a Toyota Prius?

This month, Toyota sold its one millionth Prius hybrid in the U.S. In 10 years, this strange-looking vehicle with the revolutionary engine has claimed a spot among the best-selling cars.

Pretty impressive. But are all those Prius owners thinking mainly about better mileage and a smaller carbon footprint, or is there another incentive at work? More broadly: when people make environmentally sound choices, how much are those choices driven by the consumers’ desire to show off their green bona fides?

Click here to read more


How to reduce paper waste  

If you’re like most people these days and use the internet or phone instead of old school phone books, you can actually cancel delivery of the White and Yellow Pages to your house. 
Click on link is below if you’re interested in reducing paper production and waste.




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Carbon Neutral is a not for profit company working with hundreds of organisations and thousands of individuals to measure, reduce and offset greenhouse gas emissions and implement revegetation projects.

Established in 2001 by Men of the Trees, Carbon Neutral provides many services aiming to reduce and offset greenhouse emissions, provide environmental awareness and support revegetation.




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Winner of survey   

Thanks to everyone who participated in our latest survey. Below is a picture of one of our lucky winners:


Second prize: A dozen of Taylors Wines' carbon neutral series of wine
Peter Taliangis, Realty One,
Winthrop, WA




National Tree Day - 31st July 2011

National Tree Day and Schools Tree Day combine to make Australia's biggest community tree-planting and nature care event. Co-ordinated by Planet Ark and proudly sponsored by Toyota, these are special days for all Australians to help out by planting and caring for native trees and shrubs to improve the environment in which they live.

Get your tickets here




Sustainable living at home #1:  

Reduce emissions when drying your clothes

Did you know that a clothes dryer is one of the most energy intensive appliances in your home? Using a clothes line or rack and relying on a 'solar' dryer (the sun) can pay huge dividends.

If you don’t have a garden, use a balcony, a spare room, the bathroom or, the space under the house.
If once a week you use a clothes line rather than a three star dryer, you will avoid up to 2000 garbage bags, or 200 kg of CO2-e a year. If you have a low efficiency dryer, the saving rises to 3000 garbage bags a year.
Source: The CSIRO Home Energy Saving Handbook. 


Carbon hero of the month  


Judith Ruppert, Marketing Manager - Carbon Neutral

Judith's carbon footprint is around the Australian average of 19 tonnes of CO2-e per year. The majority of her emissions stem from air travel as she's been travelling to Europe to see her family.

In order to reduce her carbon footprint, Judy has been a committed vegetarian for nine years, not eating any meat or fish. She also buys organic and local produce as they are less carbon intensive.

Further, Judy also rides her bike and catches the train every day to commute to and from work. At home, she
only takes 4 min showers, air-dries her clothes and uses thick curtains to regulate the temperature in her
apartment instead of heating unnecessarily.

Working at Carbon Neutral, Judy spends her day educating individuals and businesses about how to become more environmentally friendly.

Go Judy!

If you want to find out your own carbon footprint head to our website.


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