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Carbon Neutral is a not-for-profit company that receives donations from hundreds of organisations and thousands of individuals to establish trees on rural land for multiple environmental benefits. In 2001 Carbon Neutral was established by Men of the Trees Inc WA
as a way to take positive action against climate change by encouraging individuals and organisations to offset their carbon emissions by contributing to revegetation projects.

Carbon Neutral is looking for more sites to plant trees where landowners are interested in integrating agroforestry into the landscape for the long term sustainability of their land.


For more information, email us at This e-mail address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it or call 1300 851 211

Landowner Downloads

Useful documents for landowners.

Why Trust Carbon Neutral?

Carbon Neutral is an award winning organisation originally established in 2001 as a program of Men of the Trees Inc. The Carbon Neutral program was the first of its type in Western Australia and has remained at the forefront of taking positive action to help the environment and assist in the protection of fragile agricultural areas.

In 2007 Carbon Neutral was separately registered as a not-for-profit entity to focus on the establishment of native forest sinks for the reduction of greenhouse gas emissions. We have worked with more than one hundred landowners over the past ten years, planting over 3 million tree across 2300 hectares of unproductive land.

We have built a reputation as a trusted and experienced environmental partner. Our policy is not to plant on productive agricultural land.

Benefits of working with Carbon Neutral

Carbon Neutral is an experienced leader for carbon offsets and environmental plantings.

Over 1,000 organisations and 3,000 individuals have contributed to the environment through Carbon Neutral to date resulting in the planting/establishment of over three million trees and offsetting over 78 thousand tonnes of carbon through accredited offsets.

From 2002-2006 Carbon Neutral undertook numerous boutique environmental plantings with Men of the Trees, building valuable experience for later years. Since then larger sites have been successfully planned and established for clients such as WA State Government, Western Power and Water Corporation.

We are seeking mutually beneficial, win-win relationships with landowners to progress agroforestry or environmental planting outcomes on your land. Our policy is not to plant on good productive agricultural land. We aim to support landowners undertaking sustainable farming practices.


Robyn & Terry, York

"We would highly recommend Carbon Neutral plantings to other land owners. Since the Carbon Neutral planting in 2008, we have noticed a marked reduction in both salinity and water logging. In addition the water flowing into our creek is now fresher and this will in turn mean improved water quality in the local river system."


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