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Carbon Neutral is an experienced leader for carbon offsets and environmental plantings.

Over 1,000 organisations and 3,000 individuals have contributed to the environment through Carbon Neutral to date resulting in the planting/establishment of over three million trees and offsetting over 78 thousand tonnes of carbon through accredited offsets.

From 2002-2006 Carbon Neutral undertook numerous boutique environmental plantings with Men of the Trees, building valuable experience for later years. Since then larger sites have been successfully planned and established for clients such as WA State Government, Western Power and Water Corporation.

We are seeking mutually beneficial, win-win relationships with landowners to progress agroforestry or environmental planting outcomes on your land. Our policy is not to plant on good productive agricultural land. We aim to support landowners undertaking sustainable farming practices.


The benefits of working with Carbon Neutral if your land is suitable include:

  • You still own the land and the trees
  • Free advice on our products and services available to farmers and lifestyle block owners
  • We purchase and supply seedlings
  • Our experienced contractors prepare detailed planting plans in consultation with you
  • We undertake seedling and direct seeded plantings depending on the site
  • We pay for land preparation and planting
  • We employ professional experienced contractors in your area to undertake site works and on-going establishment
  • Although primarily planted for the sequestration of carbon, establishing native forest sinks for carbon sequestration can have distinct co-benefits such as:-
    • may improve land value by improving aesthetics and long term sustainability
    • help to assist with environmental issues such as salinity, soil erosion, habitat and biodiversity loss
    • may be used as shelter belts or to help stabilize creek lines
    • may provide shelter and shade for stock
  • Our oil mallee plantings, in WA,  can be harvested subject to Carbon Neutral's approval
  • We offer incentives in exchange for carbon rights and covenants once the site is established
  • We do the development applications to the local shire and Fire Management Plans as applicable to your site
  • We will register a Carbon Right and Covenant that affects only the planted land for up to 100 years from planting to protect the trees
  • Carbon Neutral is also a recognised offset entity under the Carbon Farming Initiative (CFI).

For more information contact Carbon Neutral on 1300 851 211 or This e-mail address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it


Oil Mallee Belt

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