Restoring Rural Landscapes;
encouraging habitat,
reducing carbon emissions.

Are you looking for an investment opportunity that doesn’t cost the earth? How about one that actually works towards saving it?
This is the shared philosophy behind Carbon Neutral.
With much of Western Australia’s natural landscapes lost to deforestation, Carbon Neutral gives you a unique opportunity to revive our rural
WA landscapes, recreating natural habitats and growing the rich biodiversity of our native species, while producing valuable carbon credits.
This process is known as ‘Trees for Tomorrow’.

Three current Carbon Neutral opportunities:


    Badgebup is a landmark project by Carbon Neutral, one of Western Australia’s
    oldest and most ethical carbon offset organisations.
  • Ideal location 45km east of Katanning
  • Planting to occur on approx. 160ha of overall 404ha site
  • Mix of native species to encourage biodiversity
  • Revegetation to occur primarily on valley floor, close to unique wetlands
  • Regrow habitat for local bird species including the threatened Carnaby’s Black Cockatoo
  • Small Oil Mallee planting represent an opportunity to own future biomass crop
  • Plantings to be preserved under a 100-year covenant - possible financial return through
    allocation of portion of carbon rights
  • Potential for a sub-division
  • Future homesite available

Boxwood Hill

    Protect one of the world’s top 34 biodiversity hot spots!
  • 60km south of Jerramungup, 54km north of popular tourist spot Bremer Bay
  • 326ha property with beautiful views of Bluff Knoll (Stirling Ranges)
  • Reserves on eastern and western borders of the site
  • Significant part of Gondwana Link (link of agricultural land returned to native habitat)
  • 105,000 seedlings planted, further 80,000 to be planted
  • Improve biodiversity, water filtration and soil stability
  • Large bungarras and yellow-footed wallabies seen in area, with evidence of active malleefowl community
  • Planted areas to be protected by 100-year covenant - potentially profit from the allocation of portion of the carbon rights
  • Large sheds and water tank on site
  • Future homesite available


    Help take a major step in the State’s rejuvenation process with Cranbrook.
  • 40km north of Mount Barker, with views of Bluff Knoll (Stirling Ranges)
  • Located on the outskirts of the township
  • 251ha area, trees planted on approx. 165ha
  • Total of 163,250 seedlings planted
  • Opportunity to create ‘carbon sink’ on approx. 18ha of unplanted land
  • Integral part of Gondwana Link due to adjoining nature reserve
  • New vegetation to recreate original form of local native woodlands and forests
  • The property incorporates beautiful remnant vegetation with a rich mix of native plants and wildflowers
  • Planted areas to be protected by 100-year covenant - potentially profit from the allocation of portion of the carbon rights
  • Future homesite available

Want to know more?

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