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Small Car
3 tonnes CO2-e / 18 trees
Medium Car
4 tonnes CO2-e / 24 trees
Large Car
6 tonnes CO2-e / 36 trees
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Fuel Use Kilometres Fuel Costs

Fuel Use:
Kilometres Travelled:
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Fuel Costs:
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Fuel Use: 0L
Emissions: 0 t CO2e
Note: these calculations include the upstream, or indirect, emissions resulting from the extraction, processing and transport of the fuel.

Total donation value: 18 trees, $67.50 (tax deductible)

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About Carbon Neutral's Trees

  • Trees are legally protected
  • Multiple native species are planted
  • Six trees will conservatively sequester one tonne of carbon dioxide over their lifetime in the areas we plant
  • Trees help to:
    • Reduce soil erosion
    • Combat salinity
    • Provide wind breaks
    • Improve biodiversity
    • Create habitat for native animals

If you would like more detailed information about our tree planting please email us at

Our Assumptions

For average vehicles, the assumptions are as follows:

  • Full fuel cycle
  • Small – 8 L/100km
  • Medium – 11 L/100km
  • Large – 15 L /100km
  • Average distance 14,600 km per annum
  • Fuel – petrol

What about my other emissions?

Carbon Neutral offers a full carbon emissions calculator for many common emission producing areas including energy use, food production and air travel.

To calculate the impact of these areas visit the calculator here

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