Invest in forest carbon sinks with Carbon Neutral to produce high quality accredited carbon offsets into the future.

Carbon Neutral is seeking partners to invest in high quality carbon sinks to create carbon credits from Australian reforestation projects. These projects will produce carbon offsets for local and international carbon markets or compliance credits/ permits for use under Australia's carbon legislation.

Carbon Neutral has been planting native trees to create forest carbon sinks since 2002. Investing in carbon sinks now allows companies to hedge against increasing carbon prices in the future by locking in a predetermined price for carbon now.

The cost per carbon credit depends upon the planting site, but in most cases will be below the government's price on carbon, making it a cost-effective part of your carbon solution.


The Carbon Farming Initiative

In 2011 the Federal Government passed the Carbon Farming Initiative (CFI) legislation providing a single national framework for the accreditation of carbon sequestration and emissions avoidance projects and the generation of Australian carbon credit units (ACCUs).

The CFI aims to provide financial incentives for farmers, forest growers, landholders and landfill operators to develop projects that will reduce greenhouse gas emissions, including reforestation projects where greenhouse gases are sequestered.

These credits are internationally recognised and can be used for:

  • Compliance under Australia's Carbon Price Mechanism
  • Offsetting emissions under the Australian National Carbon Offset Standard 
  • Compliance under the Kyoto Protocol by governments that have obligations under the Protocol
  • Compliance by companies under emissions trading schemes (ETS) such as the European Union (EU) ETS
  • Offsetting emissions in international voluntary carbon markets  

Our focus – it’s about the environment

Our focus is to plant native species biodiversity forests that achieve a range of environmental outcomes while also producing a valuable carbon-based asset. Partners are able to spread their risk by investing in these high quality projects allowing them to achieve corporate social responsibility (CSR) and community based goals which tie into their greenhouse gas compliance strategy.

Forest sinks have many community and environmental benefits beyond their carbon benefits which, depending on the site may include:

  • Assisting with prevention of soil and wind erosion
  • Assisting with prevention of water logging and salinity
  • Providing habitat for wildlife
  • Providing wind breaks and shade
  • Improving biodiversity
  • Providing biomass for local energy production
  • Providing employment for local contractors
  • Opportunities for social and economic indigenous participation
  • Improving the quality of land for local farmers
  • Increasing atmospheric oxygen






Over 80% of respondents to a recent agricultural catchment council survey indicated they
were concerned with the loss of biodiversity

Ensure your carbon strategy includes multiple environmental
and community benefits 



 Carbon Sink



Carbon Farming Initiative

Click here to learn more about the Carbon Farming Initiative and view guidelines from the Department of Climate Change & Energy Efficiency

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