Consumers can easily recognise the link between tree planting and taking positive action to help the environment

Consumers can easily recognise the link between tree planting and taking positive action to help the environment. Make a big impact on your company’s green reputation through the low-cost environmental act of planting trees.

How Does it Work?

Our Plant-a-Tree Programmes allow you to establish trees for every customer, product or service to demonstrate your commitment to the environment. Be creative with trees – we’ll work with you to structure a programme that’s right for your business.

The Benefits of Joining Carbon Neutral’s Plant-a-Tree Programme

  • Marketing materials and support
    receive personalised certificates, Carbon Neutral logos and be listed as a supporter on the Carbon Neutral website (with a minimum donation of 165 trees)

  • Cost-effective environmental action
    just $3 per tree (includes GST)

  • Engage your customers
    give them the satisfaction of supporting the environment when they support your business

  • Pay as you go
    donate trees as your business grows

  • Stand out from the crowd
    use tree planting and our logo to show potential customers you’re different


Here's What Our Current Clients Say...

Force Technology, Australia’s leading wholesaler
of mobile phone peripherals, plants a tree for every
branded product sold and differentiates themselves
from the competition


“We’re pleased to be a supporter of Carbon Neutral,
and since our first donation in 2007, we’ve continued to
see value in this fantastic programme.”

Jake Minear, Director at Force Technology


For every new customer, Time Telecom pledges to plant a tree. Marketing M dd

“Our customers feel good that their business is helping
the environment and our staff are very impressed that
we’ve taken on a venture like this”

Andre Fazzolare, General Manager

For every order that contains a Premium Plus Cartridge,
Quality Print Cartridges plants a tree on behalf
of customers.


“The plant-a-tree program has become an integral part
of our business model and we’d love to have a forest called
‘Quality Printer Cartridges"

Lisa Rodi, Director, Quality Print Cartridges

We helped Scope Systems, a leading software company give
a different kind of Christmas gift – working with Carbon Neutral
they offset a vehicle for their key clients.

“At Scope Systems, we believe it’s important for all of us to reduce
our impact on the environment. That’s one of the main reasons
we decided to give a different kind of Christmas present in 2011.
Working in partnership with Carbon Neutral, Scope Systems will
plant 4,000 native trees on behalf of our clients to help reduce
their emissions – and in the process, contribute to restoring the
rural Australian landscape. We received great feedback from our
clients on our gift of trees, and we’d like to continue working with
Carbon Neutral on the programme in future years.”
Troy Morrison, Managing Director, Scope Systems


About our Trees About Our Trees

We specialise in biodiverse conservation plantings using trees and shrubs that are native to Australia. Our trees help reduce soil salinity, provide wind breaks, enhance biodiversity, sequester greenhouse gas emissions and restore habitat for native animals.


We provide all supporters with information on their trees including species types, planting locations, and progress. Click here to view information on our sites around Australia or
download our Trees Information Guide.


Marketing Support

We offer a range of marketing and communications support to businesses that start a Plant-a-Tree Programme. Our Green Supporter level will give you access to the Carbon Neutral logo to use in your marketing materials and on your website. You'll also receive images to help you share your good environmental work and inspire others via social media channels. We can provide media release templates and your company will also be listed on our website as a Carbon Neutral Supporter.




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